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The CPA Affiliate Program

Our CPA Affiliate program at Vantage FX Partners, has been carefully put together to generously reward all high performing online marketers. We strongly believe that the Vantage FX brand, our popular trading platforms and wide range of tradable markets offered, creates an enticing partnership environment for online marketers, social media performers and SEO professionals.

Combine what Vantage FX can offer your clients with our cutting edge affiliate tracking platform that pays up to $800 CPA and you will see that Vantage FX Partners is positioned at the very top of the highly competitive forex marketing industry. Become a CPA Affiliate with Vantage FX Partners and start earning more today.

Why Become a CPA Affiliate with Vantage FX

For Online Marketers, Social Media Performers and SEO Professionals.

  • Earn up to $800 CPA
  • Wide Range of Landing Pages and Banners
  • Cutting Edge Affiliate Platform to Monitor Conversions
  • Professional Marketing Team Support
  • Fast and Easy CPA Withdrawals

What the CPA Affiliate Program Includes

  • Free Access to State of the Art Affiliate Tracking Platform

  • Popular Forex Trading Platforms Including MT4 & MT5

  • Up to $800 CPA

  • Up to 120 Tradable Assets

  • Fast and Easy Monthly CPA Withdrawals

  • High Conversion Banners and Landing Pages

CPA Reward Structure

Country Tiers CPA Conditions Monthly qualified accounts CPA
Tier 1
Canada, Germany, - Minimal deposit $500
- 2 FX Lots Traded
01 – 29 CPA $600
Denmark, Switzerland, UK, 30 – 49 CPA $600
+ $3000 monthly bonus*
Norway, France, Netherlands,
Sweden, Austria, Ireland, 50+ CPA $600
+ $10.000 monthly bonus*
Australia, New Zealand
Tier 2
Hong Kong, Finland, Singapore, - Minimal deposit $500
- 2 FX Lots Traded
01 – 29 CPA $400
Italy, Spain, Portugal, 30 – 49 CPA $400
+ $3000 monthly bonus*
UAE, Kuwait, Qatar,
Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, 50+ CPA $400
+ $10.000 monthly bonus*
Tier 3
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, - Minimal deposit $500
- 2 FX Lots Traded
01 – 29 CPA $300
Poland, Taiwan, 30 – 49 CPA $300
+ $3000 monthly bonus*
Colombia, Thailand,
Mexico, Greece, South Africa, 50+ CPA $300
+ $10000 monthly bonus*
* Other Countries - Minimal deposit $500
- 2 FX Lots Traded
- CPA $100

*The monthly bonus is only applicable to CPA Partners whose monthly net deposits are a minimum of 2.5 times their monthly CPA commission total.

Banned countries

Unable to Accept Clients From:

Afghanistan,Belarus, Burma, Burundi, British Columbia (Canada), Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, ISIL (Da’esh) & Al-Qaida, Lebanon, Japan, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Russia, Crimea, Sevastopol, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.